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Reminder…Weather-Related School Communications

Dear Parents,

As we enter the season for potential weather-related cancellations and schedule adjustments, it might be good to review our communication protocols.

Tree of Life does not automatically follow Columbus City School’s weather protocols particularly with regard to cold or heat issues. We realize this can cause a hardship if you live in a district that cancels school on a day that Tree of Life has classes, especially if you count on bus transportation. If your district cancels and your child cannot get to school, please know that the absence will not be counted against them. Of course, if you can get them to school that would be wonderful.

Below are the ways we keep you up-to-date with any emergency schedule changes to school events at Tree of Life Christian Schools.

1) Text alert and Email alert. An email and text notification will go out to all families as soon as a schedule adjustment decision is made. Be sure to log in to Renweb to confirm your correct phone number and email in our database.

2) Traditional morning school weather cancellations will be broadcast by local TV and radio stations.

3) MyTree website will have a post regarding any school cancellations.

4) Tree of Life Facebook and the closed Tree Community Facebook group will have school cancellation information posted. Be sure to join this Facebook group if you have not done so already.

5) Athletic department schedule changes or cancellations can always be seen on the Tree of Life Athletics Facebook Page. Families with students directly involved with athletic activities will receive direct email and/or text information about schedule changes.

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