High School Northridge

All the Good Things…When You Log Into Your School Renweb Account

Community PSA!

Below is a list of informational benefits when you log into your school Renweb account. Click HERE to do such a thing! Need help? Email Kathy Kehlmeier at kkehlmeier@tolcs.org to remember your login credentials.

Enjoy knowing and completing tasks like:

  • Following your student’s academic progress day-to-day. See what homework they have each night. See any missing assignments. Monitor grades being earned. View end-of-quarter report card.
  • Reviewing financial information…tuition, etc.
  • Helping your high school student log required community service hours.
  • Viewing contact information for all teachers and fellow parents. Email teachers directly from Renweb.
  • Completing required medical and other permissions paperwork.
  • Viewing student attendance log.


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