High School Northridge

Useful Info You Can Find on MyTree

Dear High School Parents,

Sometimes you just need to know things and you need to know it right now! The MyTree website is geared to help with that. See below a list of the most used resources to make navigating school life a little easier.

  • School schedules and calendars. Don’t miss the year-at-a-glance link at the bottom of the calendar.
  • Sports schedules (including practice schedules) Subscribe to any calendar you wish so your student’s schedule shows up on your phone!
  • FAQ’s about school life and policies. Basic need-to-know items without wading through pages of content. Don’t find what you are looking for? Send Mr. Davis (bdavis@tolcs.org) a question to be added to the FAQ’s.
  • Login to Renweb to check your student’s grades or homework requirements.
  • Have a senior? Click HERE for all of you information about the senior year.

There’s even more…but that’s a good start. Have a great day!


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