Help Hints for October

As a new family to Tree of Life you may not know what events are coming or any of the lingo that floats around the building.  Here is some helpful information to make this year successful for you and your family.  Please touch base with your mentor family so you know all of the details, what to wear, who is invited, etc.

10/14 & 10/28 – Chapel:  Mrs. Sherrod leads ALL students (PK-5th grade) in a few songs with motions and Bible story.  Depending on the coming holiday or season the stories vary.  Parents are always welcome to come to any chapel time which runs from 11:15-11:45 a.m.  At the end of the school year there are a few chapel times that are student lead.  You’ll hear more about those in the spring.  

10/15 & 10/29 – Library Day: Students return books that they checked out two weeks earlier and pick out something new to read.  Please make sure to bring the old books to school so someone else can check them out.

10/15 – Open House/Book Parade: All families are invited to the worship center where PS-3rd grade will perform a Book Parade.  Each of those classes are currently reading stories from a certain author and  then are encouraged to wear a costume reflecting one of the stories. The students love wearing their costumes and parading through the auditorium.  Once the parade is over everyone is dismissed to the classrooms for Open House.  4th Graders will be participating in Mini Corporation Day, selling goodies from their “businesses” they created in the classroom.  5th Graders help escort friends and families to the classrooms in case they don’t know where to go.  

10/17 – Picture Re-take Day: Any students who were absent from school on Picture Day will have their picture taken first thing in the morning (9:15 a.m.)  If your student had pictures taken already and want new taken you must bring in the entire packet to exchange.  Unfortunately, if your student missed the original picture day then they will not be included in the class photo.  Those are already completed.

10/18 – Teacher In-Service Day: There is NO SCHOOL this day for students! 

10/21 – Fall Break: There is NO SCHOOL this day for students!

10/28 – Grade Cards sent home: Please make sure you sign the envelope and return it to school the next day.

10/28-10/31: Book Fair: Just like when you were in school, there is a Book Fair held in the library this week.  Students are able to purchase books, pens, bookmarks, etc. at the Book Fair.  Parents are able to come in any time to walk through the Book Fair before or after school.  We are also seeking volunteers that can help run the register and check items out.  If you have an hour to spare please let the office know.


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