The Importance of Integrity by Dr. Todd Marrah

In our modern day, the Importance of Integrity seems to have taken a back seat to many other less honorable values. As evidenced by our politicians, our business practices, and our own individual personal private lives, living above reproach had fallen into disfavor.

Integrity had been defined as “who you are when no one is looking.” It is easy to present our lives to others as something wholly different than what they truly are. Some call it wearing masks. And white it is not necessary for us to air our dirty laundry to everyone we come across, it is important to be honest with the Lord, ourselves, and people with whom we interact.

In Acts 5, a husband and wife team sold some land and publicly gave a portion of the proceeds to the church. That’s sounds very generous and something for which the Lord might bless them, after all you cannot out give God. The problem was that they conspired together to tell Peter that it was all the profits from the sale. Their lack of Integrity, lying to the Holy Spirit and others, cost them their lives at the hand of God.

In the same chapter, we read that the disciples ministry was so powerful that many were coming to Christ and many were being healed. Their Integrity was shining brightly for all to see. Even those who didn’t follow God honored them and spoke well of them. Therein lies our legacy. In the midst of our increasingly misguided culture, we can live Spirit enabled lives that are attractively different to those around us. Lord; shine Your life through ours for a desperate world to see. May our Integrity be Your beacon.

As parents, our children get an inside perspective on our Integrity. They see much of who we are and how we present ourselves to others. Our authentic living with them is essential for how they connect authentically with God. It’s not that they can’t see you fail, it’s that when you fail you acknowledge it to them and apologize to them and/or to God in front of them.

Oh, and let them catch you studying God’s Word on occasion as well. Your private life sets the tone for theirs.

Todd Marrah

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