High Functioning Organizations by Dr. Todd Marrah

Untold numbers of books have been written about secrets to organizational success. Many patterns and truths have been discovered that provide models for us in our own leadership responsibilities. One key component, from Jim Collins, involves having the right people on the bus and in the right seats.

The early church seemed to get this principle well before the test of us. In Acts 6 the church was growing rapidly and there were complaints about important things being overlooked. Yes there was complaining in the early church even while the Lord was doing amazing things. In this situation the widows and orphans were being overlooked.

The Apostles listened and prayed. Their calling was to prayer and preaching the Word. Other godly leaders would need to be raised up for this important Kingdom work of serving the needy. 

There are many essential roles in the body of Christ. One is not more important than another. If we’re all serving the poor and no one is teaching the Word then the church is in trouble. If we’re all talking and few are quietly living it out, the church is equally in trouble. When the Lord changes our heart and calls us into a personal relationship with Him, He also equips is with His Spirit for good works He’s prepared for us. We are recipient’s of other people’s legacy of service to their King. Now it’s our great privilege to be of use to Him. Find your seat on the bus in the church. The Lord can use you powerfully.

As parents we have the opportunity to form out children’s perceptions of the body of Christ. If they hear us constantly complaining about all that is wrong in the church that is the lens through which they will view it. On the other hand if they see us serving others in the power of the Spirit, they will see Him moving and be eager for His movement in their lives.

Todd Marrah

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