Memorials by Dr. Todd Marrah

The United States of America so highly regards memorializing that it declares a national holiday for us all to pause and remember. The freedoms we enjoy each day have been bought at a very dear price. Truly freedom is not free.

In the third chapter of Acts, Peter and John went to pray, as was their custom. As they entered the temple a familiar face, that of a lame man, met them with his daily request…..alms for the poor.

Having seen the risen Jesus face to face, and having received the Holy Spirit, Peter responded in a new way to the man in need. Instead of offering loose change to help the man’s earthly needs, Peter offered him real healing in Jesus name. Immediately the man was fully strengthened and leapt to his feet in praise. As word spread about the miraculous healing, Peter took the opportunity to call the growing crowds to pause and remember the recent crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Our legacy is to remember that our freedom is indeed not free. Many men and women have sacrificed for us to enjoy our liberties and responsibilities. We also enjoy a greater freedom, a freedom from our sin and a holy equipping to do the work of God. Like Peter, let’s lay hold of that empowering as a way of celebrating the indescribable price paid for our freedom. What Jesus so generously gives cost Him dearly.

As parents one of the best gifts we can give our children is cherished memories. Remember with them the times you saw the Lord at work in and around your lives. Highlight ways in which you’ve seen them display the character of Christ. Hit pause and take time remember what the Lord has done for us.

Todd Marrah


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