21st Century Lessons from the 1st Century Church by Dr. Todd Marrah

And they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other languages, as the Spirit gave them utterance. Acts 2:4

Learning to speak the language of clients or customers or employees is often cited as a key to professional success.  The best product in the world accompanied by a weak and uninspiring story leads to minimal sales. On the other hand, the best sales people can thrive in a competitive market because they know how to communicate in a way that connects with what people need.

The narrative of Acts chapter two shows God’s mastery of both the greatest news the world has even heard, Jesus as Lord and Savior, and the greatest connector the world has ever seen, the Holy Spirit.  

Fifty days after the Resurrection of Jesus, the disciples were all gathered in one place.  They were praying and waiting for the fulfillment of what Jesus promised, His presence in them.  In an earlier, almost unbelievable conversation, Jesus had told His followers that His presence in them would do even greater things than they had seen Him do. They had seen Him open the eyes of the blind, walk on water, heal leprosy and raise the dead.  How in the world could they do more than He?

The amazing answer is that God, Himself, in the person of His Spirit, was going to take up residence in His people.  The same Spirit that empowered Jesus in the flesh, now empowers us. And it is not a partial indwelling, the Bible clearly says that we are filled with the Holy Spirit. God intends to continually use His people for His amazing works, to speak of language of love to a love starved world. His Spirit knows how to speak to the people we each come across each day. They can hear Him through us. Our legacy is to live, love, and act as if we are possessed… the Spirit of the Living God.

As parents, we have an incredible opportunity to teach and model for our children what it looks like to live in the Holy Spirit. We can live our Spirit filled lives out loud for our children to see.  As you seek God’s will, as you listen to the Spirit, as you see Him at work in and around your lives and your children’s lives, be sure to point Him out. They will learn to look for Him and to listen to Him and to celebrate Him as they see you do the same.

Todd R. Marrah, Ph.D


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