Transformation 2019: Of First Importance by Dr. Todd Marrah

Many important things pull at each of us every day. At work, we deal with the urgent and the important. Once in a while those two are the same but usually the immediate distracts our focus from the key essentials that will make the biggest difference.

The Bible provides great insight into the important things of life. We are given hundreds of instructions for how to love and how to live. But there is one event that is of greater significance than all others, by far.

Each year, we set aside a week, a Good Friday, and an Easter Sunday morning to remind us of the answer to Life. One of the dangers of our stressful lives is the need to move quickly from one thing to the next. But we dare not do that with Easter. Just a few days ago we celebrated the death, burial, and resurrection of the God of the universe and our personal Saviour and Lord. Let’s make sure we haven’t moved on….past Easter.

The Apostle Paul says the events of the last week are of first importance for each and every day of our lives. In the week after His Resurrection, Jesus appeared to many. In fact, He kept doing so for 40 days and by His Spirit, He continues to do so today. We will continue His legacy well when we don’t allow temporary importance’s to get in the way of eternal importance.

Keep celebrating your risen Lord.

Todd R. Marrah, Ph.D

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