Transformation 2019: A Personal Invitation to a Life-changing Week by Dr. Todd Marrah

Then He warned the disciples that they should tell no one that He was the Christ.   Matthew 16:20

Each of us have experienced a week or weeks that are more impactful than others. Sometimes we can see those weeks coming and sometimes only God knew. God’s plan is for this week to be life-altering for each of us. He invites you to join His journey this week and never be the same.

On Sunday, the unblemished Lamb set His face toward Jerusalem. A donkey carried Him as if He was a King triumphantly parading into glorious battle. He entered the Temple to drive out the money changers. It is no coincidence that he cleaned the temple in the first and last week of His earthly ministry. Apparently, His mission includes cleansing our temple. Read Matthew 21.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday,

He was constantly being questioned and challenged as the religious leaders sought to trap Him. Take a few minutes to read Matthew 22-23, experience Jesus’ last week with Him.

Jesus’ last day of freedom is Thursday. At His last supper, He washes feet and institutes communion. Read John 13.

After eating together, Jesus takes three to the garden and sweats blood over His arrest and this Friday’s upcoming events. Read John 18.

If each of us will walk the road to the cross with Jesus, then a difficult week will end with an incredible,  mind blowing

Sunday morning. Read John 19-20 and get ready. Are you ready to be excited beyond cure? Are you ready for your life to be changed this week? On Sunday and for the weeks to come let’s declare together “He is Risen”.

He is Risen Indeed.

Todd R. Marrah, Ph.D

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